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Coaching Tip – Use the Tool of Inspiration

One of the most valuable weapons that we have in our battle with success is the weapon of inspiration.

For me, when I get started on a task, I like to invest a few minutes to finding something inspirational that will get me moving.

For example, prior to writing this article, I spent ten minutes on You Tube just watching a few random inspirational videos. After watching Al Pacino’s inspirational speech to his broken football team in “Any Given Sunday”, I was more than ready to tackle my own challenge.

Think about how you feel when you’ve read, listened to, or watched something inspirational. Does it make you feel like you could be / should be doing something more than you are? If so, do use the tool of inspiration to your advantage? Do you use it often enough?

In today’s world we are so fortunate to have so many different types of inspirational resources available at our fingertips. Some of my favorites are:

You Tube (search for “motivation” or “inspiration”)
“The Book of Positive Quotations”
• My iPod – I have a special playlist created just for songs that pump me up
• Internet searches for “inspirational short stories”
The Bible

We all have different things that inspire us and make us want us to do more. What inspires you?

Your Action Items:

 List five different things that you can use for a source of inspiration

 Organize these items so that you have them at your fingertips when needed

 Match your task / challenge to your inspiration resource
Example: Which of your inspiration sources would be best suited for completing your next work assignment?

 Follow-through. Incorporate this exercise into your daily routine. Over and over again!

 Continue to find new sources of inspiration

How do you use the tool of inspiration to your advantage? As always, I encourage you to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

Coaching Tip – Use the Tool of Inspiration

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