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Failing to Win – A Great American Story

I recently stumbled upon on article posted by ABC World News about an Oregonian business owner named Bob Moore.  Up until a few weeks ago, Bob was the owner of the multi-million dollar family-run whole grain foods company, “Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods”. At age 81, and after thirty years of building and running his business, Bob Moore decided that it was time to move on and start a new chapter of his life.

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When faced with the decision of what to do with the company, Bob ultimately decided that he just couldn’t sell it to a “stranger”.  Instead, he felt that his company belonged to the people who built it.  Bob Moore graciously gave complete ownership of his multi-million dollar business through a ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) to his 209 employees, or as he calls them, his “second family”.

There was another component to this story besides Bob’s generosity that struck me.  One thing that Bob said that grabbed my attention was this quote:  “Here’s what I know about America.  It’s probably the only place in the world that I could have this wonderful opportunity of being in business, making mistakes, failing, then succeeding.”  Along those same lines, Bob also said, “You can sell your house, take your money, and test the waters by doing something you believe in,” he said. “And maybe you’ll be successful and maybe you won’t, and that’s what entrepreneuring has been for me, and I have failed.”

As a small business owner myself, I can not only relate to Bob’s take on the occurrence and importance of failures, but it also serves as a great source of hope and confidence for me.  If he can make mistakes, fail, and then succeed, well then, so can I!  In fact, I’m already half-way there!  I too am faced with the challenge of building a business that offers a service that I am passionate about, and that I fully believe in (GAIN Life Global).  During the start-up and early stages of building my company, I’ve learned very quickly that building a meaningful business isn’t easy, it’s not struggle-free, and it isn’t served on a silver platter with a pile of “easy buttons”.   But…  I’ll tell you what it “is”.  Building a meaningful business is rewarding, challenging, fulfilling, fun, and most of all, full of freedom and dreams!

Thanks Bob, I am thankful for the inspiration that you’ve provided me.  I too aim to make mistakes, fail, and then succeed so that I can give it all back!

(Read the full article and watch a piece of his interview on Bob Moore here.)

How to Apply This Lesson

·         Make sure that your goals & objectives are meaningful and full of purpose

·         Set your sites high

·         Fail Forward!  (Don’t be afraid to fail if you’re heading towards the right destination.)

·         Keep going, stay on track, and don’t lose your vision!

·         Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them so that they become your building blocks

·         Share your fortune and give back!

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Failing to Win – A Great American Story

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