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About GAIN Life Global

GAIN Life Global is the dream of Brian Osher made reality. By believing in himself and working with his own life coach, Brian launched his vision to make coaching accessible to everyone. With GAIN, you are part of a community. We specialize in personal and professional transition by helping clients define goals, design actions and provide unwavering inspiration, support, and accountability. We challenge entrepreneurs to believe in their small business ideas and we don’t stop fueling your vehicle for growth until your dreams come to fruition.

Together, we explore where you want to go and create a roadmap that is easy to follow. If you hit roadblocks on your path, we will help you find detours. We provide you with unbiased feedback while we exercise powerful questioning backed by active listening. We work with you to reach tangible goals that are measurable. We want you to live your best life through personal fulfillment driven by determination, not by default.

Our coaches are real people who have catapulted themselves forward from life’s struggles to realized dreams. We are committed to helping you GAIN the same confidence we have found and the skills to handle what life throws your way. We will rev you up to take action and will champion you on your journey to achieving a life beyond your imagination.

Partner with GAIN Life Global for your personal or small business growth and you will GAIN a coach who will:

  • Listen carefully, and always without judgment

§         Every coaching session is always about you, and only you

  • Understand the challenges that you are facing today

§         What is your starting point?

  • Help to clearly define where you want to be tomorrow

§         Set meaningful, purposeful goals

  • Strategize your personal path to success

§         What is the best method for you to accomplish your goals?

  • Ask you to set “Immediate Action Steps” for each goal

§         What is the next thing that you must do to move forward?

  • Encourage and support you on every step of the way

§         You truly GAIN a partner in your quest for success

  • Acknowledge and celebrate your wins

§         Everybody needs recognition and a pat on the back for a job well done!

Some of our client’s most common areas of focus are:

Life Balance Career Building /
Career Transition
Small Business Building
Relationship Building Personal Health / Weight Loss Life Transition
Procrastination Strategies Personal Finance Spiritual Growth
Entrepreneurial Support Time Management Sales Success

What do you need to do today to make your life better tomorrow?

Why wait any longer?

Get GAIN and get going!

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