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I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!

“I Love Living Life. I am Happy” – Nick Vujicic

A friend of mine recently posted this video clip on Facebook.  The caption under the posting read “Watch it… At least once!”  So, I did and my soul was stirred.  BEFORE you read any further, take seven minutes to watch it for yourself.

As you have seen, Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but he has an unwavering determination to “happily” live his life.  There are so many different pieces to Nick’s story that inspire me, but the one thing that hit me like a ton of bricks was his plea to us to not give up when we fail.  Nick says, “If I fail, I try again, and again, and again…”  We all know this rule, and we’ve all heard the saying “If at first we don’t succeed…”  But, there was something about this clip that made it seem like it was the first time I’d ever heard this advice.

 Nick so clearly demonstrates that when he falls, he has no choice but to get up.  Without arms and legs, it’s a struggle for him to get up every time that he falls.  But, if he doesn’t keep trying, he’ll be stuck face down in the dirt, and he has decided that is NOT an option.  So, he makes the choice to try, and try, and try again until he succeeds (in everything in his life). 

(I encourage you to read more about Nick’s amazing life at

 Now, think about what your life would look like if failing was NOT an option?  How many different things in your life have you tried, then failed, then quit?  Or, even worse, how many different things have you not even attempted simply because of your fear of failing?  Personally, I shiver every time that I begin to think about the great fortunes and adventures that I know that I have missed out on.

So, here’s the golden question…  How do we become more like Nick Vujicic?  Follow these simple action steps and GET UP!

  •       Make a list of ten things that you would do or accomplish if you knew that you could not fail.
  •       Decide which one of those ten things is most important to you or would have the greatest impact on your        life. 
  •        COMMIT to accomplishing that goal and COMMIT to not quitting until it is reached, no matter how many times you fail.
  •       Determine the best strategy / path to reaching that goal.  If that strategy doesn’t work, try another.
  •       Get support!
  •       Take action and keep moving forward.  Even baby steps move you closer to the finish line.  Again, keep moving forward!
  •       Celebrate your victory!
  •       Repeat the process with the next item on your list.

I am Brian Osher, a certified life and business coach.  I work closely with individuals and small businesses to help them move forward to reach their goals.  I truly believe that we can all reach higher and get more out of our lives with the right tools and support.  To learn more about me and the services that I offer, visit my websites at: or

I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!

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