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Need to Get Things Done? Take a Vacation!

As I sit and write this post, I am only forty hours away from leaving on a five day Sierra backpacking trip. Like always, I woke up this morning and immediately wrote out my Action List (To-Do List) for the day. There was just one big difference with today’s list – it was three times as long as it usually is! Despite the two months that I’ve had for planning and preparing for this trip, I’m still finding myself with a laundry list of items to check-off before I leave. (I think that happens to all of us, doesn’t it??)

So, there was one big difference with today’s list (besides the size) – any guesses? I am FLYING through it at lightning speed! I have easily accomplished more in the first few hours of this day than I usually accomplish throughout an entire day. But, why? That’s an easy answer and I’m sure you all were able to guess it right away – MOTIVATION!

I am pumped up and I’m excited to get out of town, and I hate leaving loose ends behind. So to me, tying up these loose ends is a necessity for enjoying my trip. That is my motivation!

So, as I’m rapid fire crossing one item after another off my list, I’m thinking to myself, “Man, I should go on vacation more often!” Although that’s not likely to happen, it is possible to ACT like I am going on vacation more often. You can do the same thing too!

Here’s a strategy that we can all use to knock major chunks of “to-do’s” off our list:

• Pick one day of the week (or month) and call it your “Vacation Day”

• Choose a personal reward that you can use as your motivation for completing your list (ex: a night away with your spouse, tickets to a ball game, a new toy, etc)

• Make a list of ALL the things that you MUST get done before you leave on your “vacation”

• Promise yourself that if you don’t get everything done, you don’t get your reward. But if (when) you do, you will give yourself the reward

• ACT like you have no choice but to finish the list!

• Take action and get busy!

I encourage you to give this strategy a try and see what happens. The real key is to find something that motivates you like a vacation motivates me.

What technique do you use for knocking big chunks of items off a massive Action List? Let’s hear them.

For now, I’ve got to get running. My list isn’t finished yet and I am not going to let anything stop me from hitting the trail and getting my line in the water!

Need to Get Things Done? Take a Vacation!

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