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As I was sitting on my patio this past Sunday, my mind was drifting (what else is new) and I started thinking about how great it would be to be in tip-top physical shape again.  I began dreaming about the feelings I’d get from wearing new, smaller clothes.  I began picturing what it would be like to run in my first marathon (on my “bucket list”).  I started getting excited about the “new me” that I would become from following a rigid, structured, and disciplined training program.  To say the least, I was fired-up!

Then, without any warning or intentional thinking, my perceived reality set in.  All of the sudden my emotions came crashing down like a lightning-struck redwood tree in a silent forest.  I realized that this was most likely just another dream; another glimpse of inspiration that would soon fizzle out.  But, the problem was that I really, really liked the way that I was feeling about the prospect of radically changing this component of my life.  All of the sudden, I found myself at a personal crossroads.  A crossroads that divided the way between the path of taking a life-changing stand to improve the quality of my life, and the path of self defeat.  I’ve been here before; many, many times in fact.  And unfortunately, I’ve selected the wrong path more times than I’d like to admit. 

How about you?  Have you been at these same crossroads at some point in your life?  Which path did you choose?

As I sat in my lounge chair and contemplated the emotional rollercoaster that I’d just sent myself on, I made the decision that I was unwilling to choose the wrong fork in the road this time.  The question that I had to answer now was HOW am I going to make it happen?  I had to figure out what was going to be different about my decision this time, knowing that so many times in the past I had managed to get myself fired-up for doing something meaningful in my life, but then just abandoning the inspiration without taking any action.

My answer was simple.  I knew that I had to TAKE ACTION!  Why of course, what a concept! 

So, that’s what I did.  I got my butt off of my comfortable lounge chair, headed upstairs, changed my clothes, grabbed my iPod, mumbled something to my wife as I sped past her, and headed for the gym. 

The workout was awesome!  I sweat, struggled, and groaned, but I survived!  When I walked out of the building, I felt like a million bucks! 

End result:  I not only took the first step in turning a day dream into reality by taking immediate action, but I also made it a whole lot easier on myself to continue making progress.

Have you ever heard the term – “Action Creates Momentum”?  Well, I’m here to testify that it’s absolutely true.  I haven’t missed a day at the gym yet!  Now it’s in my mind that I’ve already done the hard part – I got started.  And, now it seems more painful to NOT go to the gym than to go to the gym.  Why stop since I’ve already got myself started?

Now that I’ve started taking action, what’s next?  Goal setting of course!  Stay tuned for my upcoming series on “Seven Steps Essential Steps to Reach Your Goals”.

So, as your coach, I’m asking you…  “What one thing do you need to take immediate action on today?”

I say, GO FOR IT.  Or, better yet, “Just Do It!!”

How about this?  If you really want to get serious and committed, I challenge you to list your “Take Immediate Action” step in the comments section below.  Once you do that, then you’ve just set yourself up for accountability. 

Well…  What are you waiting for?

Do you need help taking action and setting goals?  Sign-up for a FREE coaching session today @  We’ll get you moving!

Take Immediate Action and Get Results Now!

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