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Walk Further By Losing Your Weight

I recently (finally) watched the George Clooney movie “Up in the Air”. As always, Clooney did an outstanding job of selling the strength of his character to his audience. In this film, Clooney plays the part of Ryan Bingham, a constantly traveling corporate downsizer and part-time motivational speaker. There are many life lessons that can be taken from this film, but the one that most grabbed my attention stemmed from Bigham’s motivational keynote speech entitled “What’s In Your Backpack?”

Although the message of this speech is centered on the philosophy of ridding your life of commitments and possessions, my take away from it was more general. Rather than focusing on the possessions and commitments (I think we all need both to some degree), I believe that we should look at reducing / removing all of the other burdens that are weighing us down.

In the movie, the backpack represents the load of “stuff” that we are carrying. The heavier the load on our back, the slower we move forward. I think that principal is so true. So ask yourself, what kind of “stuff” are you carrying in your backpack? Are you carrying a financial mess, a relationship crisis, a career change, an addiction, a car that needs repair, a phone call that needs to be made, a promise that needs to be kept, or even a never ending battle with low self-esteem? This list could go on and on. I believe that we all have our own backpack full of things that are weighing us down.

The question is how long are you going to carry this life-hindering pack? How long have you already carried it?

Take a good look inside of your personal backpack. What’s in there? What are the things that are causing you to slow down? If you look closely, you’ll not only see some pretty big items, but mixed in with those big items, you’ll probably also find a whole bunch of little tiny weights. These tiny weights don’t seem like much on their own, but when you put them all together, the pounds really begin to add up.

Here’s the point… In order to start really moving forward in your life, you need to begin removing some of this weight off of your shoulders. Take a minute and imagine how different and how much better it would feel to walk with a lighter load on your back. It’s kind of refreshing and energizing, isn’t it? How much faster and further could you walk with a lighter load?

So, now that we know we’re carrying too much weight on our shoulders, what do we do about it? Follow these steps and see if your ability to make significant progress in your life improves.

Six Steps to Reducing Your Weight

Step 1: Identify all of the different weights that you are carrying on your shoulders.
Make a list of all of the things in your life that are causing you frustration, stress, or concern. List big things and small things. (If you feel like you have too many items on your list, narrow that list down to ten items.
A good way to determine what belongs on this list is to think about the things that cross your mind on a regular basis that ultimately cause you to think negatively.

Step 2: Order your list from heaviest item to lightest item.
Which items on your list are weighing you down the most? The least? Assign a number to each item – 10 being the heaviest, 1 being the lightest.

Step 3: ‘Commit’ to removing the weight of one item on your list.
Which item is the heaviest item on your list? Are you willing and able to commit to improving your life in that one area? If your answer is “no”, then choose the next heaviest item. Keep going down your list until you decide on one that you will 100% commit to removing from your backpack.

Step 4: Plan and take action immediately!
Get started at removing this weight from your life right away. Figure out what you need to do (set a plan) and then immediately take one action step to get started.

Step 5: Stay focused and keep moving forward.
Don’t forget that you committed to removing this weight from your life. Once you’ve committed yourself to something, stick with it until it’s done! When you get stuck, visualize how much lighter your load will be and how much more freely you will be able to move forward.

Step 6: Repeat the process.
Choose the next heaviest item on your list and then commit to removing that weight from your shoulders. Keep going until you have removed all of the items on your list. Once your list is complete, write another list.

Although it may not be realistic to have a completely empty backpack, it is very possible to have control of and manage the weight that you carry around. I encourage you to always try and recognize that you do have certain things in your life that are weighing you down, but you should also recognize that you do have the power and the ability to lighten that load. If you desire to walk further, walk lighter!

About the Author:

Brian Osher is a certified Life Coach and motivational blogger, specializing in personal productivity, life balance, and limitless transition. He is a natural motivator and has a passion for helping others make meaningful strides in their lives. Brian is a Christian, devoted husband, and the proud daddy of two and is living in Southern California. His motivational blog, “Gaining Ground” offers Life Coaching tips, tools, and techniques, as well as a healthy dose of purposeful motivation that will help you to move forward in your life.

To learn more about Brian, or to sign-up for a free (no obligation) coaching session, and to find out how he can help you grow in any desired area of your life, please visit or e-mail him at

Walk Further By Losing Your Weight

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